Anonymous asks: The protagonist of my novel is half black and also the daughter of a prominent political family with a white Senator for a father. I imagine her home life as being dominated by white upper-middle class culture, but I don’t want her to be completely white-washed either. What sort of struggle might a person in her position face, and how would you suggest I include this part of her identity when it’s not the main conflict?

Please keep in mind that all of these are possibilities and are in no way meant to be used as hard truths. Using only these traits/experiences could make your character into a stereotype.

Your protagonist could face several struggles depending on her upbringing. Remember that every person will react differently to situations depending on their character, etc, but some things come to mind which might play a significant role in her life.

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Successful writers are not the ones who write the best sentences. They are the ones who keep writing. They are the ones who discover what is most important and strangest and most pleasurable in themselves, and keep believing in the value of their work, despite the difficulties.
— Bonnie Friedman (via writetothestars)

Is hispanic consider POC like us black people?







There are latinx of color.


Why’d you correct them to say latinx???

Is there a difference? i’ve never heard my hispanic (well) friends call themselves that…

I’ve read and learned that hispanic is a term that is connected to colonialism and imperialism, while latino, latina, etc are terms that are independent of that (I think I got that rigth) and inclusive to all genders (latinx). 


Its definitely not something everyone identifies with, and for good reason, but i think the simplest explanation would be: 

HIspanic denotes a sense of community and heritage through connection to Spain

While Latinx denotes a sense of community and heritage through the shared connection of survival from the colonization of Spain

These terms are especially flawed when it comes to groups that were colonized by other groups, France, Portugal, England etc., but still in what is considered “Latin America.” 


Films for (and staring) Young Girls of Colour 

Wadjda | Bend it Like Beckham | Hula Girls
Whale Rider | Our Song | Rabbit Proof Fence
Lilkee | Pariah | Bumm Bumm Bole
Balak-Palak | Children of Heaven | How She Move
Quinceanera | Sherina’s Adventures | Before Your Eyes
Sister Act 2 | Real Women Have Curves | Nobody Knows
The Heart of the Game | Mad Hot Ballroom | Crooklyn
Anita & Me | Akeelah and the Bee | Girl in Progress



Write about strawberry milk. Be it an obsession, dislike, a description- anything goes.

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My advice to aspiring screenwriters would be to find your voice, and by that I mean find the type of story you want to tell and how you want to tell it. You know, find what’s important to you and stick to that.

- Rian Johnson

Good advice for writers in general.

And in life as well.

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  1. Get your notebook
  2. Watch a movie
  3. Make a hashmark for every thing that HAPPENS
  4. Open your screenplay
  5. Repeat step 3
  6. Compare


  • An action that pushes the story forward. Pro tip: Look for verbs.


  • Emily asks for a divorce
  • Molly smashes a photo of Cal and Emily,…

Interesting approach. Will try one day.